Category: linux

Bash history with timestamp

Very often we are working on shared environments. And very often we are hearing “It wasn’t me…” when we are trying to identify who executed what.

We can get list of logged users from the last command, but how to linked these outputs with the list of commands from history? And/or how to push all commands to be written in history when users are using tmux or screen?

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Let’sEncrypt (finally)

For such a long time I’ve been using StartSSL certificates for my webs (and jabber….). But after all their affairs I lost my trust in them. And not only me – more and more companies nowadays revoking their CA from the list of approved and trusted CAs.

Also I’m lazy and always forget to renew the certificate so I was looking for solution that can auto-renew all certificates I need…

And last (but not least) reason why I wanted the change – it’s so popular now to use the Let’s Encrypt CA!

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